We will fight for schools that are fair, just, safe, and controlled by communities and workers.

  • Transform union bargaining strategy. Organize with communities to bargain for the common good of our city.
  •  End unilateral mayoral control of schools. Increase worker and community control over the structures and budgets for schools. Revise the C30 process. Give staff and families actual power over the hiring of school administrators.
  • Confront the school-to-prison pipeline. Expand effective, bottom-up restorative justice programs and hire UFT-represented restorative justice coordinators. Increase funding and support for culturally responsive education and extracurricular activities.
  • Integrate school admissions processes. Eliminate discriminatory high school admissions screens.
  • Increase and improve support for immigrant students and families. Mandate 1 centrally-funded, UFT-represented immigrant liaison per school. Expand multi-language translation services and access.
  • Expand community schools model with wraparound social, medical and mental health services (1 nurse per school, 1 doctor per cluster of schools).
  • Improve school building infrastructure: new building construction, ventilation upgrades, and green and sustainable renovations and construction.
  • End givebacks on health and safety protocols in schools. Negotiate zero-tolerance contractual checklists to certify schools are ADA accessible, green-friendly, and free of lead, asbestos, mold, other contaminants, pests, and infectious diseases.