We will fight for a stronger contract and a union that listens to us. 

  • Stop backdoor, closed negotiations with the city. Begin open and inclusive negotiations. Organize rank-and-file members for authentic input during contract negotiations, budget negotiations, and legislative sessions. 
  • Shift our focus towards organizing rank-and-file members. Shift COPE money to allow members authentic input in candidates who are endorsed.
  • Give real decision-making power to the Delegate Assembly over areas that impact bargaining and the use of COPE resources.
  • Improve union transparency, responsiveness, and accountability. Print updated contracts for every member.
  • Expand union democracy. Empower local school and functional chapters. Democratically elect district representatives and borough representatives. Increase representational and proportional democracy.
  • Amend the Taylor Law. Remove the 2 for 1 penalty for job actions. Eliminate the “no strike” pledge.