Alex Jallot

For Executive Board, High School - MORE-UFT

Chapter Leader and Special Education Teacher in Manhattan

I am the son of Haitian immigrants, a father to a beautiful four-year old girl,  a proud born and raised New Yorker as well as a graduate of New York City’s public schools. I currently am the Chapter Leader of Pace High School and I am running for a seat on our union’s High School Executive Board because I want to help to organize and build a better union for all. I always wanted to serve and give back to the school system that afforded me quality education. As such, I have entered my 9th year in my role as a Special Education Teacher. In that time I’ve worked with students in middle school and high school, from the Bronx to the Lower East Side. I’ve served in different roles in my tenure as a teacher from Special Education Liaison, Equity Team Leader, Consultation Committee member, teacher mentor,  SLT member, as well as numerous other committees. Aside from teaching in the classroom, my greatest role in my time in public schools has been Chapter Delegate, and my current role, Chapter Leader. 

I was honored to be elected by my peers four years ago as Delegate. In that time I helped to organize a walk-in/rally at my chapter for paid parental leave, helped to organize my colleagues at the beginning of the pandemic to keep us safe, participated in protests/rallies for safe schools, joined in protest in support of nurses protesting for better PPE at Harlem Hospital, and was featured and interviewed by NBC for school safety during the pandemic. I did all of this understanding the power that lies in our union and the importance of building relationships with my colleagues to better our working conditions and the conditions of our students. I have continued on with my union organizing by becoming elected Chapter Leader at Pace High School. My priority as Chapter Leader is to help to build a strong chapter based on trust, solidarity, and a mutual understanding that we are all members of the working class. In the four months I’ve been Chapter Leader I helped to organize CAR day donations for a member who is out on sick leave, regularly consult with my members to represent our demands to our principal, held consultation committee meetings and fought for change within our school culture to make a better environment for all, and continue to ensure that UFT chapter members at my school are treated fairly by the administration and with respect. 

I believe in a union that is democratic and values the input of its members. I believe in a union that recognizes and utilizes the strength of collective organizing and power. I am committed to building a union that is rooted in relationships, solidarity, and the willingness to stand up to and confront our adversaries to ensure that we obtain the best working conditions for our staff and the best school conditions for our students.