Howard Titlebaum

For Executive Board, Elementary School - Independent

Howard Titlebaum has been working in the DOE for 22 + years. He works at P.S. 152 in Washington Heights as an elementary special education teacher.

“I am supporting United for Change because our union has been driven by and dominated by one sole caucus for too long. I am tired of Unity pretending that they care about every dues-paying member. Right now, our union is lead by a sole voice which is supported and followed blindly by those sworn to support this voice at any cost. This is a path we can no longer afford to continue.  Productive discourse and intelligent disagreement amongst any functioning executive board sparks conversation and ignites change to better align the best interests of the entirety of our union and bring about the best practices and policies going forward ensuring that every union member’s needs are met. United for Change will help keep our union’s democracy alive and it’s my goal to ensure that we are all heard.”