Ibeth Mejia

For Executive Board, High School - Solidarity UFT/ICE

I am a Special Education Teacher, serving the New York City Department of Education, for 22 years and the Chapter Leader at Aviation High School. Presently, I am an active Council Member with UFT Solidarity and UFT ICE (Independent Community of Educators), where I am a strong advocate for children with special needs and will take action to comply with their mandates. I have successfully filed a Special Education complaint, at the New York State Education Department, to provide the proper support for the parents of children with special needs who were being denied their services and for the Special Education Teachers whose programs were improperly scheduled.

I have won the case presented at the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) against an abusive principal. In the year of 2020, along with fifty other UFT members, I have successfully sued and won the case presented to the New York State Supreme Court to secure remote and child care accommodations; after UFT told many UFT members they were ineligible to work remotely.

If elected, I plan on being a strong advocate for all UFT members at district and central UFT forums. My records indicate that I am someone who will not be silenced and have the determination to comply with any obstacles that may arise.