Martina Meijer

For Executive Board, Elementary School - MORE-UFT

I am a proud member of the union and lifelong organizer. I have taught for 14 years: 10 at the NYCDOE and 4 at a non-unionized NYC independent school. I have worked in NYCDOE Central offices and have a Masters in Education Policy and Management, so I am engaged with education policy at a local, state, and national level.


I am committed to the sustainability of free, integrated, and unscreened public education. I am the delegate at PS 139 in District 22 and helped to organize a "work-outside" action at my school to protest unsafe reopening plans in September 2020.


I am running for Elementary School Executive Board seat to promote the voices and concerns of elementary school staff within our union. I will continue to fight for a union that protects the safety and health of all members, including early childhood staff who have not been adequately protected, considered, or consulted in our response to the pandemic and have been placed at the most risk (with populations too young to be vaccinated and excluded from any NYCDOE COVID testing).


I envision a union strengthened by the engagement and participation of rank and file members, a union that is responsive, transparent, and democratic.