Rosie Frascella

For UFT Assistant Treasurer, MORE-UFT

I have been teaching high school English and social studies for 14 years in New York City. Before going on sabbatical this year, I was the chapter leader at the International High School at Prospect Heights for 4 years and the delegate for 7 years. I came to teaching with a passion for teacher unionism and political education after working as union organizer with the Service Employee International Union and witnessing the need for engaged and educated union membership.

I was so excited to be an active union member, but couldn’t find a way to participate, I was ready to be organized! I want a union that engages its members to fight for better working conditions and schools for our communities. I joined MORE because I wanted to help unite all the educational justice organizations in NYC so that we could have the power to create the schools our children deserve. I still believe this is possible.

I’m running with MORE to fight for a union that educates and organizes its members to win campaigns that give educators and school staff the resources needed to create an environment where our students can thrive. This is our time, let’s unite for change!