Nick Bacon

For Executive Board, High School - New Action

Nick Bacon is Chapter Leader at the High School for Law and Public Service in Washington Heights, where he works as a special education teacher. A tireless advocate for his members, Bacon has championed dozens of union causes - representing teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers. Best known for his local chapter activism, Bacon has also been a part of city-wide and national union activities since early in his career. Elected as a NYSUT delegate (and Chapter Leader) before he even had tenure, Bacon left Unity Caucus and joined the opposition in response to Michael Mulgrew’s disastrous leadership of the union during the pandemic. Since joining United for Change (and his new home caucus, New Action),  Bacon has additionally made waves at the Delegate Assembly (DA), where he co-wrote and motivated a resolution to foster more democracy over decisions affecting healthcare for retirees and in-service members. 

Nick shares, “Currently, our executive board functions as a rubber stamp for an out-of-touch union leadership. That needs to end. If elected, I’ll serve our membership, by working thoughtfully on the issues our chapters actually care about - like health care, class sizes, safety, and the working conditions and resources that we need to best educate our students.”